Monumental Inscriptions (MI) by Parish in PDF Format on CD

Each CD contains, in PDF format, a transcription and index of the monumental inscriptions (gravestones) of the location mentioned. These are mainly Church of England parish churches, but other denominations may be indicated. Each CD contains the transcriptions found at the time of recording, a map of the locations of the memorials and an index, along with the date of recording. MIs both inside and outside the church have normally been recorded where possible.
Photographs may be included where taken.

The price of £4 per parish includes post & packaging.


Census CDs  - 1851, 1891, 1901

Indexes of all the names listed on the census returns for Herefordshire include: surname, Christian name, age, parish born, county, parish found, piece number and folio number.
Also included are the enumerator's notes (what area and route taken by the enumerator)

Marriage / Burial CDs

Marriage Index 1538 – 1837
An index of all the marriages transcribed from the parish registers deposited in Herefordshire Record Office.

Marriage Index 1837 – 1957

An index of all the marriages that took place in the county's churches, non-conformist chapels and churches, as well as civil marriages. Details of the bride's and groom's names, place and date of the marriage, along with a register and entry number.

Monumental Inscription Index. New version available each year.  (Index of all published MIs)

An index of the monumental inscriptions recorded and published by herefordshire FHS between 1980 and 2014. The following are included on the CD; surname, Christian Name, age at Death and parish where buried. Details of all of these indexed parishes are available for purchase, as a PDF format CD.

Burial Index   1813 – 1839

A burial index for Herefordshire (deposited registers in HRO) covering the period 1813-1839 includes forename, surname, age, abode, occupation and the parish where the person was buried.
The 1813-39 index is available as a CD, the earlier registers are being added to on a regular basis.

Herefordshire FHS Journal

A PDF version of the herefordshire FHS journal. 
Five volumes from April 1980 up to January 1995

Books in PDF Format on CD

  • 1858 History & Directory of Herefordshire
  • Robinson's "A History of the Mansions & Manors of Herefordshire"
  • 1852 & 1857 Hereford County Poll Books
  • 1818 Poll for Herefordshire
  • 1834 The Register of Electors for the City of Hereford
  • 1891 Kellys Directory of Herefordshire

Books and Booklets

  • The Castles of Herefordshire and their Lords
  • Robinson's " A History of the Mansions & Manors of Herefordshire"
  • Herefordshire Parish Registers in HRO
  • Herefordshire Bishops Transcripts in HRO

Maps (Alan Godfrey Maps)

  • Hereford 1903
  • Leominster 1927
  • Kington 1927
  • Ledbury 1926
  • East Radnor 1908  (1" series)
  • Black Mountains 1908 (1" series)
  • Bromyard 1902
  • South Herefordshire 1908

All of these items are available from our postal and on-line Publications Officers.

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