Records Office

The new Record Office is actually open now, we need to start to use it again

The Herefordshire Council are in the middle of a consultation on how to cut costs, so use it or lose it!

Opening hours as before at the old site, plus open the 2nd Saturday of each month, Yes all day.

No need to book there is ample space for all, Free parking.

Coming all day there are 3 cafeteria’s on the Rotherwas Business Park (Industrial Estate to you and me)


Thursday 15th October – Get On-line Event   GetOnlineWeek

I will be hosting a get-online session at the Hereford Record Office (HARC) in Rotherwas, designed to help people who have never used computers and the internet to get online, even if you don’t have a computer, we will have some that you can play with, if you break it (which you can’t) we will fix it, so come along, don’t be shy!

Phil Bufton              Not Sure – Contact me at


Official opening on 1st October 2015 by HRH Duke of Kent


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