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Simple Index of articles in Herefordiensis

Herefordiensis is the name of the Society’s Journal, which has been published quarterly since 1980. It is free to Members and includes helpful articles, members interests, and a query and help section. Articles submitted for publication by members are always welcome.

Phil Bufton is the Editor  articles can be sent by post to: fton, 3, Cagebrook Avenue, Hunderton, Hereford, HR2 7AS.

Volume 9 Issue 12 January 2007
Hereford Union Workhouse
Finding Hereford on the map Barnes, Trinders, Francis, Garnolds, Harrison, Brush, Haywood
A unique tomb
Hereford Riot Control 17C style
The real Robin Hood
Little Birch parish profile
Hereford Journal Oct – Dec 1846
Whitney Toll Bridge
The Lugg Commoners
National Memorial Card Index
Parish magazine July 1928

Volume 9 Issue 11 October 2006
Kington Workhouse 1841 C
The Pembridge tomb mystery
Parish profile of Weston under Penyard
Three men and a book Kilvert
Extract from Wormsley parish reg Trinders
Chelsea in Herefordshire
Hereford Journal Jul – Sep 1846
The cousin I never knew Cave-Moyle, Rushgrove
Parish Magazine 1928
The Ancestors Commandments

Volume 9 Issue 10 July 2006
Big brass penny Lancett, Davies, Blomfield, Charlton, Weston
Three Choirs Festival
Bromyard Union Workhouse 1841 C
Jack Sharpe
My grandfather was born in Hereford Gardner, Hawley, White, Richardson
Parish profile of Brimfield
Titanic A family story
Hereford Journal Apr – Jun 1846
The Lovinge lady
Parish Magazine 1928
Cradley Heritage group

Volume 9 Issue 9 April 2006
Monumental Inscriptions Progress Report
Parish Profile of Yarkhill
Two Birched Boys
Searching for Sarah Davies
160 Years ago (Jan – March 1846 Hereford Journal)**
The Cruellest Man in England
Herefordshire mystery solved in Michigan
Three girls from Kingsland
Brockhampton, Ross, Honour serving members (1939-1945 war)
Parish Magazine 1928, Dyndor, Fownhope, Hampton Bishop, Holme Lacy, Little Dewchurch & Aconbury.

Volume 9 Issue 8 January 2006
The Herefordshire Burials Index up-date
Have you ever wondered (Female ancestors occupations)
Parish Magazine July 1928, Brockhampton, Bullinghope, Clehonger, Dewsall with Callow
Joseph Faulkner – Stoker at Hereford Water Works
The ‘New Invention’
The Brewery History Society
160 Years ago (October – December 1845 Hereford Journal)**
My Grandfather – Henry Charles Clarke
A Blacksmith’s Epitaph
With hope in their hearts

Volume 9 Issue 7 October 2005
Goal A fair attraction
Parish profile of Weobley
Aunt Lizzie Yarnold, Boote, Chambers, Ellis, Evans
John Thomas Bridgwater 1916 – 1944
Hereford Journal Jul – Sep 1845
Hereford, A city of saints
The Kitto family
David Lewis Williams
Parish Magazine 1928
Llanwarne, Lanwarne,

Volume 9 Issue 6 July 2005
Nelson & Co.
Lost in India or Singapore Bridgland, Ricketts, Archer, Donnelly
Hereford Journal Apr – Jun 1845
The Thomas family of Bullingham
Parish Magazine 1928

Volume 9 Issue 5 April 2005
Monumental Inscriptions update
Hereford’s May Fair
Hereford Journal Jan – Mar 1845
News from the Archives
Herefordshire SMR
Hereford Railway Records
One of the first certificates I purchased Lewis, Macnamee, Pinches, Morris, Nicks, Kelly, Griffiths
Family links the Caribbean, Jamaica & Herefordshire
A potted history of Malvern and its parishes
Rural Deanery Magazine 1928
Two Mary Jones Morgan, Griffiths, Morgan, Phillips,Edwards, Cook

Volume 9 Issue 4 January 2005
25 years of Herefordshire F.H.S.
Trail of discovery Urwicke, Firkins, Sargent, Proudfoot, Pound, Lloyd, Jones, Revendale, Prosser
Hereford Journal Oct – Dec 1844
Strays from 14 – 19 War Gloucester Regt Casualty list
From my black tin trunk
A fortune came to Dilwyn Tyler, Rogers, Evans
The mystery of Elizabeth Pinkerton
“Madam you can’t come in ” Spring, Fitzherbert
Extracts from the Rural Deanery Magazine 1928

Volume 9 Issue 3 October 2004
S.o G. Library
Gallows Tump 1789
Woolhope Baptism Register 1880
Christmas in Hereford 100 years ago
John Brewer – Where are you
Gwillim grave enclosure
Church Street Herefordshire
Hereford Journal Jul – Sep 1844
Peter Stringham of 17c America
Extracts from Rural Deanery Magazine 1928

Volume 9 Issue 2 July 2004
Pre – Decimal British Currency
Teachers’ pet Stead, Chelton, Rudge, Kemp
From the records of the Consistory Court
Hereford Journal Apr – Jun 1844
James Davis from Ullingswick 1822 – 1913
Ancestor spotted in Waitrose Jenkins, Lloyd, Lewis
De la Haye family of Jersey
A Hereford Seaman and other strays Hooper, Davis, Venables
Some Leominster names from 1729
Home Guard

Volume 9 Issue 1 April 2004
Visitation Returns Hereford Diocese 1397
The Cyclopedia of South Australia Passey
Hereford Journal Jan – Mar 1844
Sybolism in gravestone art
Leominster Home Guard Roll
Shipbuilding in Herefordshire Thomas, Easton, Radford
Elton Farm
The Milestone Society
Family Bible Souter, Suter

Volume 8 Issue 12 January 2004
John Carver from Dorston 1822 – 1912
Rural Deanery Magazine 1928
Side – tracked Smith, Wakeling, Jones, Bounds, Birley
The Gardeners in Hereford
A very strange marriage Badham, Dean, Smith
From my photo album Hooper, Parry, Fox
Grandmothers father was a vicar. Price, Bazalgette
Hereford Journal Oct – Dec 1843
Visitation returns 1397
The Gwillim grave enclosure
The Parsons family
Thomas the prodigal son. Badham, Pritchard, Jones, Williams

Volume 8 Issue 11 October 2003
The man who found America
Next time you are washing your hands
Methodists in the family
Confessions of a census browser Mathews, Bayton, Davis
Gwillim family memorial
Story of love’s great escapes comes home to Gretna Green
Hereford Journal Jul – Sep 1843
An interesting find Davies, Gardiner, Jenks, Cooke
How my brick wall crumbled Prosser, Fowler, Snyder
Rural Deanery Magazine 1928
Hat Tax
Admiral John Wyatt Watling R.N.

Volume 8 Issue 10 July 2003
Lunatic Asylum’s in the 19C
Hereford Journal Apr – Jun 1843
Hereford City Records
Family History. Whitefield, Whitfield
Hereford Weavers
From the Monthly Magazine & British Register 1796
An ordinary family Bridgwater, Pensom, Ricketts, Caswell

Volume 8 Issue 9 April 2003
Rev. Charles J. Robinson M.A.
Divorce Records before 1858
The story of Mary Ann. Knill, Jones, Lambe, Cox
Hereford Journal Jan – Mar 1843
First World War burnt records project

Volume 8 Issue 8 January 2003
Craswall School 1904 – 1916
I’m stuck What do I do next ?
Merrick & sons Staymakers
A letter to my Great Grandmother. Pinkerton, Price, Tomkins, Cresswell, Preece, Prosser
A tale of two cities, houses and families Britten, Higginbotham, Coutts, Watts, Mitchell
Hereford Journal Oct – Dec 1842
Old Nailshop Greenway Dymock
From my black tin trunk Blake, Mills, Bussell, Turner

Volume 8 Issue 7 October 2002
Friends of the Leominster Canal
Hereford Journal Jul – Sep 1842
Found at last. Evans, Ward
Lest we forget Mayo, Morton, Boukley

Volume 8 Issue 6 July 2002
Tying up the loose ends King, Kent, Jenkins, Villon
Herefordshire Rifle Volunteers
Jane Walker / Bray / Chandler
The family of Jonas & Ann Mayo
How do you record your information
Extraodinary accident near Hereford Lambe, Gooding, Prosser, Brooks, Hall, Blacker, Lea, Grant, Preece, Marrack
Hereford Journal Apr – Jun 1842
Poor Sarah. Hankins, Symonds, Unsworth

Volume 8 Issue 5 April 2002
Thomas Hyrum Holding
The Badham family of St Devereux
Milborough A local girl Davis, Kimber, Forty,Danse, Field, Edwards
Hereford Journal Jan – Mar 1842
The Bromage boys of Hereford
From my black tin trunk Coombes, Slimmon, Finnegan
Tracing your Herefordshire ancestors

Volume 8 Issue 4 January 2002
Sarah’s son. Symonds
The weather
Commonwealth War Graves
Thomas Evans late of Ledbury
Protection of earnings Morris, Godsall
What’s in a name. Phillips
Hereford Journal Oct – Dec 1841
Tracing your Herefordshire ancestors

Volume 8 Issue 3 October 2001
Extract from Weston u Penyard PR’s Serjeant, Ames, Greenway, Childe, Westfaling, Bonnor, Harvey, Merrick, Collins
Where in the world are all the Waithes
William and Mary Matilda Jones
Return to my Herefordshire roots Powell, Davis, Thomas, Matthews, Bayton
Sarah’s son. Symmonds
Hereford Times Sept 1877 Symonds
Hereford Journal Jul – Sep 1841
Finding convicts in the family
Double murder and suicide at Ledbury. Hankins, Martin, Hill

Volume 8 Issue 2 July 2001
Tales of the Hereford Hankins
Edward Powell of the Court, St Devereux
Gamond ? Gomond
Hereford Journal Apr – Jun 1841
From my black tin trunk Burg, Coombes
Tracing your Herefordshire ancestors
Descent from Adam to present time
Introducing the Rainer Archive

Volume 8 Issue 1 April 2001
Woolsthorpe Manor
Newton A one name study
John Dickens and (H)anna(H) Parry
Death of Old Wrexhamite. Wallis
Hereford Journal Jan – Mar 1841
The Abbeydore 1st W W Memorial Mutlow, Hughes, Jones, Watkins, Ruck, Williams, Partridge,Clive
The Portmans and the Upper Breinton letter

Volume 7 Issue 12 January 2001
Neither waif nor stray
Hereford Journal Oct – Dec 1840
Search for the missing parish registers for Whitney on Wye
Hereford Journal Jan 1828
From the Consistory Court 1767 Morgan, Knill, Powell, Bullock, Hatton, Pool, Havard
The Cators of Ross, Beckenham & Woodbastwick
Grocers who strayed from Ross on Wye Preece, Jackson, Lepper, Dance, Butt, Rudge
From Fife to Herefordshire. Lee, Blandford, Foott, Amey
Edward & Catharine Jones
The Bowley family of Bromyard
Grim reaper death takes Thomas Green
Henner or Hennor
Herefordshire parishes extracted from the I.G.I.
Singular accident to a Herefordshire man in America. Price
A clever capture at Hereford. Bromage

Volume 7 Issue 11 October 2000
Ancestry of de Brugge/ Bridges
PRs and BTs
Hereford Journal Jul – Sep 1840
A snapshot picture of 19C Breinton
Herefordshire Lay subsidies of the 1540’s
Fifth cousins and other relationships
Registration Districts

Volume 7 Issue 10 July 2000
Police ancestors
Hereford Times Mar 1885
Another net gain Brace, Lewis, Dykes
An unfortunate family. Allen
Hereford Journal Apr – June 1840
Social state of the poor 70 years ago
Edith Clark her journey

Volume 7 Issue 9 April 2000
Hereford Journal Jan – Mar 1840
Herefordshire and the Anglo Boer War 1899 – 1902 South Wales Borderers
Unearthing George Aubrey of Aston Ingham
Missing Samuel. Foster, Mason, Childs
Hereford Journal Dec 1816 Burne
Mistakes do happen Mutlow, Lodge, Powles, Ward
Edith Clark her journey

Volume 7 Issue 8 January 2000
Hereford Journal Oct – Dec 1839
Census strays Andrews, Johnson, Munkley, Gurney
Extracts from the Hereford Times 1882, 1887 & 1900
James & Eliza Probert of Yazor
Parish register extracts Thomas, Lock, Morgan, Lambert, Evans
Thomas James. Brilliant or braggart
In service and a greeting home
Who was our Will. Addleton, Mole, Wagstaff
Samuel Love Seal and John Davies Pritchard
On the family trail in Herefordshire Bounds, Sheppard, Nott, Evans, Jenkins, Harris
Ecclesiastical census 1851
Servicemen 1914 – 1918 Old boys of Hereford Cathedral School

Volume 7 Issue 7 October 1999
George Aubrey of Aston Ingham
It’s good to talk Andrews
Hereford Journal July – Sep 1839
Hunting the Howards
Charles Slade Moorman & Richard Moorman
Interesting tale of mistaken identity Aston, Luckcraft, Maddick, Edmund
From the diary of Thomas Jones
Notes from books by Edward Marston
Pugh’s Hereford Journal June 1792

Volume 7 Issue 6 July 1999
Have you read any good obituaries lately ?
Hereford Times feedback
Hereford Journal Apr – Jun 1839
The wills of the Greggs of Norton Canon
Elizabeth leek, an elusive lady
In search of the roots of Henry Eric Williams
South African war 1899 – 1902
Extracts from the Diocesan Acts of Office
Leominster Poll General Election 1790
Pugh’s Hereford Journal Jan 1787

Volume 7 Issue 5 April 1999
Canon Frome baptism entry Fletcher
Burglary in Herefordshire Pritchard
From Breinton to Thames New Zealand
Hereford Journal Jan – Mar 1839
Will Mary Davies please stand up
The unknown burial place of William Skipp of Bridge Sollars 1802
Extract from Tarrington burial register Preece, Walker, Williams
A simple matter of inheritance
The Kyrle – Ernle name
The School log book Dallow, Hodges
Genealogy without tears Jenkins
Rhydspence and the Drovers and Blacksmiths of Hereford
The Rev. T. T. Lewis and the Wall family of Aymestry
Parish register stray Nock

Volume 7 Issue 4 January 1999
Eardisland burial July 1825 Dubberley
Hereford Times Oct – Dec 1858
From Breinton to Thames New Zealand Preece, Dennis, Vale, Williams,Bloxham, Eaves, Pattison, Taylor
Probability in Genealogy Vaughan, Bedford
The search for Mary Jane’s birth Page, Wood, Berriman
Grandson of a man born 9 years after the Battle of Waterloo is still alive today
The Bethell families of Herefordshire
The hidden room Gammond, Tully, Richards, Higgoson
A Hereford tragedy Weager, Wigley, Edwards, Jordan, Nicholson, Smith, Samsun, Morton, Todd, Gurney, Suter
My great grandfather Stanley
Elizabeth Pasty
Hereford Journal Aug 1792
Pugh’s Hereford Journal March 1789

Volume 7 Issue 3 October 1998
Hereford Times Jul – Sep 1858
Stray burials in Goodrich B.T. s
Mormon migration
Coincidence or fact Vaughan, Bedford
My great great grandfather Ratcliff, Sherman, Stanley, Elrington,Clutterbuck, Probyn
Pugh Phillips and Gethen genealogy
Family history versus research Lloyd, Bowcutt, Turbill, Loader
Stray marriage Morgan, Philips
Gamekeepers 1803
Sporting Magazine Feb 1818 Savagar, Lodge, Paynton, Hammond, Baker
Apprenticeship records
Police records West Midlands
Pugh’s Hereford Journal Jan 1787 Toldervy,Matthews, Ferrer, Driver

Volume 7 Issue 2 July 1998
Hereford Times April – June 1858
Early soldiers from Herefordshire
Memoirs of William Griffith Waring
Auntie Kate’s catalogue of kissing cousins
Strays in Birmingham 1881 C
Thomas Vaughan Tailor, Poet, Actor
My Grandfathers life James, Bullock, Taynton, Hawkins
George Charles Stevenson

Volume 7 Issue 1 April 1998
1851 Herefordshire Census Index
Extracts fron Muster Rolls of Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s Army 1745
Mills & Boon and borrow too Jenkins, Evans, Vaughan
Tithe maps
Hereford Times Jan – Mar 1858
Pugh’s Hereford Journal Jan 1787 Lewis, Woodhouse, Parry, Mayoss, Brace, Laycock
William Frank Chappell
Memoirs of William Griffiths Waring
Elected Guardians of the poor Kington Union 1863
List of Tradesman, Shopkeepers supplying the Kington Workhouse 1864 – 70
Some Dew family residences
The Badhams of St Devereux
Royal Radnor Militia
Hereford Journal July 1846 Hurst, Bradley

Volume 7 Issue 12 January 1998
One way to add a piece Crumpton
Hereford Times Oct – Dec 1857
Pugh’s Hereford Journal Jan 1787
A days outing in 1881 moore, Williams, Lane, Waltring, Hills, Lloyd, Garrold, Taylor, Duckham
Get acquainted with Dick Oakley
Extract from the ancient manuscripts of Hereford City Howells, Hyde, Kelynge
The Crump / Stevens family
Hancorn ucopia
Extracts from Tarrington School Log Books 1892 – 1901
The new Domesday Book
Wilford Woodruff and the Mormons in Herefordshire
Falmouth marriage index
Parker family history

Volume 6 Issue 11 October 1997
Hereford Times Jul – Sept 1857
Things are Nott always as they seem
Extract from the ancient manuscripts of Hereford city 1707 Pember
Daffodil Buchan, Mitchell, Cowe
Execution of Samuel Aymiss
Family history puzzle Rudge, Shaw, Tinkle
Pugh’s Hereford Journal Jan 1842
A shot gun wedding Wood, Griffiths, Burton, Ireland, Croft, Biggs, Gamon, Williams, Clarke, Morgan
The Bethell families of Herefordshire
Hereford Times Servicemen 1914 – 1918
Hereford cattle Speed, Marshall, Tomkins
Items of interest from Madley parish
Quo Vadis Jenkins, Boswell, Sandford

Volume 6 Issue 10 July 1997
Bayley family of Pembridge and Hereford
Hereford Times April – June 1857
Index of Brass workers
20c Memories of Ledbury
Servicemen ‘Old Boys’ of Bluecoat School in 1915
Hereford’s new library in 1874
Timothy Weaver and Richard Stephens executed

Volume 6 Issue 9 April 1997
Where did Edward and Catherine Jones come from ?
Pepperplock and the Mercer, Hancorn, Yarranton and Davies families
The Soobroy story
Servicemen ‘Old Boys’ of Bluecoat School in 1915
Hereford Times January – March 1857

Volume 6 Issue 8 January 1997
George Preece, run down by a wagon in 1915
George Preece and Albert Charles Baughan, drowned in 1905
Inquest on Caroline Bridges
List of inquests in 1925 and 1926 within Pateshall papers
Hereford Times October – December 1856
Returns of papists 1767
The Walter Carwardine murder, Williams, Matthews & Pugh executed

Volume 6 Issue 7 October 1996
Hereford Times July – September 1856
Orphan Annie – Wakeling / Preece connection
Morgan Aubrey’s legacy
Transportation of John Nicholls of Leominster
Lucton school

Volume 6 Issue 6 July 1996
Hereford TIMES April June 1856
William woodruff and the Mormons
James Powis, Wheelwright and Carpenter
James Owen of Ledbury
The Robinson’s of Leominster
Richard Underwood, executed 1817
Richard Morris, from Warwick to Mansell in 1669
The will of Mary Starie 1830

Volume 6 Issue 5 April 1996
Martha Probert re-surfaces
Gallipoli Association and the Royal Marines Association
The will of Elizabeth Clayton
Which Mary Morris is correct ?
Is it Revel or Reveal
The Bengough and Gammon connection
Special Constables in Hereford 1914
Hereford Times January – March 1856
Execution of John Burlow in 1818

Volume 6 Issue 4 January 1996
Herefordshire men killed in WW1
Herefordshire convicts in Australia
Brigadier James Hargest
Hereford Times October – December 1855
Chelsea Out-Pensioners

Volume 6 Issue 3 October 1995
The Perry and Cowmeadow families
The Weaver family of Herefordshire
The Hill family of Brampton Abbotts
Hereford Times July – September 1855
Hereford Gaol in 1833

Volume 6 Issue 2 July 1995
18c Herefordshire apprenticeships
Obadiah and Susannah Huntt
Hereford Times April – June 1855
Marriage Witness Index

Volume 6 Issue 1 April 1995
Captain William Reginald Corfield
Preece family roots
Rates and Taxes in Pencombe in the 17c
Seeking Frances Fox
Hereford Times January – March 1855
Index to Worcestershire Settlement Certificates

Volume 5 Issue 12 January 1995
100 Years ago (October – November 1894, Hereford Times)
Visitation at Garway in 1673
Vowchurch Village School 1930
Monumental Inscriptions Report, Hereford Cemetery completed
The wreck of the Martin Luther

Volume 5 Issue 11 October 1994
100 Years ago (July – September 1894, Hereford Times)
Masters and Apprentices in Herefordshire 1777-1780
Residents and Staff at the Green Dragon, Hereford on census night 1861
List of Herefordshire men on the Menin Gate
Philip Hodges of Preston on Wye

Volume 5 Issue 10 July 1994
In memory of Jane Sophia Corfield
100 Years ago (April – June 1894, Hereford Times)
Ross Union, Outdoor Relief, final list of names in 1866
Thomas Evans of Thornbury and George Eliot
Observations on the Hearth Tax

Volume 5 Issue 9 April 1994
Do you know these people? Berrow, Wiginash, Christol, Davies, Phillips 1826-1870
Hereford strays in Hanover Sq, London in 1891 Census, Bowlas, Allen, Moss, Berry, Dodge, Condon
The Harris bible of Longtown 1860
Seventeen generations of the Mason family
Timothy Weaver and Susannah Minton, executed in 1786
Burghill Census in 1676
100 Years ago (January – March 1894, Hereford Times)

Volume 5 Issue 8 January 1994
Monumental Inscriptions progress report
Peterstow registers of sponsors 1864
Herefordshire 1891 Census Strays in Brighton. Names include: Williams, Hill, Matthews, Emberson, Weston, Clift, Crompton, Carter, Harper, Fox, Woodward, Nash, Walters, Smith, Munsch, Lee, Powell, Elsley, Godsall, Moody, Bayliss, Barnard, Mason, Brooks, Thomas, Norton, Oldacre, Dean, Franklin, Gallimore, Cooke, Nash, Gilkes, Ridge, Tomlinson, Armitage, Griffiths, Paynter, Hales, Davis, Sparkes, Stevens, Chambers, Poole, Grant, Holder, Jones, Smith, Francis, Imms, Higgins, Wakeford, Vaughan, Long, Wood, Williams, Fisher, Lewis, Peck, Wishlade, Hill, Hopton, Tarbath
Petition from Richard Landon aged 92 in 1682
100 Years ago (October – December 1893, Hereford Times)
Sir Banastre Tarleton 1754-1833
Harriet Powell’s Birthday Book

Volume 5 Issue 7 October 1993
William Henry Strange of Almeley
Clayton, Davies and Watkins of Burghill
Peterstow registers of sponsors 1858
100 Years ago (July – September 1893, Hereford Times)
A look back at Wilford Woodruff and the Mormons of 1840 Part 3

Volume 5 Issue 6 July 1993
George Lucas, Butler, William Dykes and Eliza Lucas of Leominster
Thomas Smith of Leominster
Hereford County Quarter Sessions 1829. Names listed: Cooke, Garrold, Gardiner, Lloyd, Merrick, Newman, Penner, Smith, Williams and Yarworth
Landon research in London
Charles Morgan of Garway, Gentleman Farmer
Bellamy in Goodrich, mistake in the register
100 Years ago (April – June 1893, Hereford Times)
Sophia Wilmot of Hereford, born 1849
Vale, Berriman/Berryman research

Volume 5 Issue 5 April 1993
Stranger than Fiction – The Jones family
100 Years ago (January – March 1893, Hereford Times)
Evidence from Almeley parish books
Aunty Bella’s photo
Bredwardine School Logbook
The old photo which almost spoke
Ross Union, parishes and its parish relief
Inquest of Thomas Powis 1868
List of parish constables appointed for Hereford district 1849
Extract from the minutes of Hereford Workhouse, January 1838

Volume 5 Issue 4 January 1993
Extracts from the Derricott family history
Don’t give up – The Bengough family
Marriage Hot-Spots, Analysis of the Marriage Index
Flesh on Bone – The Lilley family
A week away – the London depositories
Ross Union, St Weonards parish relief
100 Years ago (October – December 1892, Hereford Times)

Volume 5 Issue 3 October 1992
A look back at Wilford Woodruff and the Mormons of 1840 Part 2
Old Swinford Hospital and its Herefordshire connections
Walter Stallard of Virginia
100 Years ago (July – August 1892, Hereford Times)
The mystery of the Benbows
Extracts from the Leintwardine Parish Register

Volume 5 Issue 2 July 1992
Sarah Bond, the female miser, died 1821
Origins of the Badham Surname
Hereford Militia in Rochdale, 1808
A look back at Wilford Woodruff and the Mormons of 1840 Part 1
100 Years ago (April – June 1892, Hereford Times)
Consistory Court Act Book, June 1767

Volume 5 Issue 1 April 1992
100 Years ago (January – March 1892, Hereford Times)
the pre-1754 Marriage Indexing Project
The 1881 Census Indexing project
Strays from St George, Hanover Sq, London 1881 Census
Extracts from Pugh’s Hereford Journal, August 1771
Monumental Inscriptions Report
Evidence from records in the vestry in the 17th century

Volume 4 Issue 12 January 1992
Execution of Thomas Watkins March 1811
Extracts from Pugh’s Hereford Journal May – July 1771
The trial in 1785 and transportation of Rachel Watkins in 1790
The Ross family of Dilwyn
Execution of John Rudd in 1811
William Walton of Bosbury
The Jaynes family of Hereford
Execution of Susannah Pugh for the murder of her infant daughter
The Dew family of Ross, Goodrich, Kempley and Ledbury
Hereford Times October – December 1891
Execution of John Burlow, for setting fire to his masters stables.

Volume 4 Issue 11 October 1991
Wilford Woodruff and the West Midland Mormons of 1841
Extracts from Pugh’s Hereford Journal March – May 1771
The Caswall family of Leominster, also Bangham, Glover, Brassey and Croft connections.
Hereford Times July – September 1891

Volume 4 Issue 10 July 1991
Hodges, Heritage, Herefordshire and Heraldry
James Tomas, baptised at Benhall, Suffolk28th March 1747, parents of Welch pool, Herefordshire
Hereford Times April – June 1891
Inquest on the wilful murder of Ann Collins Jan 15th 1800
Black servant baptised in Kingsland 1773
A case of fraud, the Verry family

Volume 4 Issue 9 April 1991
Pugh’s Hereford Journal 1771
The origins of surnames in the middle Welsh Marches
Strays in Ottery St Mary Devon Jemmeson, Davis, Belley
Have you lost Susan Winwood
Charles Papps Price R.N. and his sons
1881 C strays in Birmingham Suckling, Preece, Morris, Breece
Dedicott family history
Where there’s a will Meredith, Clayton, Hancorn, Daw, Hankins
Magistrates Examination Book Hill, Denton, Smith
Hereford Times Jan – Mar 1891

Volume 4 Issue 8 January 1991
Thomas Johnson Britten 1858 – 1910
Pugh’s Hereford Journal Herefordshire Militia
Another view of those stuffy Victorians Nott, Jones, Yapp, Roberts, Wilkes
Pembridge Vestry Minutes march 1825 Savagar, Lee
Where Jasper Hawkins fought Sioux Indians
Hereford Times Oct – Dec 1890
Ballingham 1881 C Phillips, Churchill, Roberts, Morris
Deeds to property at Upton Episcopi & Ross
Down the drain Williams

Volume 4 Issue 7 October 1990
Copy of a letter written by Mrs.Alice Hawkins to her daughter Mary in England
Pugh’s Hereford Journal 1770
The Lewis family of the Frome valley
Hereford strays 1861 C Guildford Sry
Hancorns of Whitney and Duppas of Hollingbourne Kent
Hereford Times Jul – Sep 1890
Extract from Mordiford Parish Reg Goode
1881C stray Marylebone Mdx Patterson
Pembridge Vestry Minutes June 1825 Griffiths, Tranter, Hawkins

Volume 4 Issue 6 July 1990
Hereford Times Apr – Jun 1890
Wilford Woodruff
That’s an unusual name Bengough
The Charge of the Light Brigade
Planning & equipment for your next research expedition
The Hodges Saga

Volume 4 Issue 5 April 1990
A Tudor ancestor Baldwin
Monumental Inscriptions in Stretton Sugwas
Musical chairs at Thornbury
St Georges St Independent or Congregational Baptism Horn
The Andersons of Herefordshire
The trouble with John Davies
A baptism or essay Sergeant, Child, Greenway
A few noteworthy burials Bagnall, Cox, Russel, Tart, Hedghog, Godsall, Cole, Jenkins, Smith
Brief encounter Landon
Like mother Tedstone
Hereford Times Jan – Mar 1890
Herefordshire strays in 1881 C Tredegar Mon.
The tale of the Winnowing Machine Woolf

Volume 4 Issue 4 January 1990
Statistics Llangarron & Llangrove
The Sacks
Derriscott family history
Ashperton during the Civil War & the Republic
The mystery of Mary Ann Hodges
The Charge of the Light Brigade
Extracts from Gloucester Journal Williams, Scott
Upton on Severn Choir outing 1922
Hereford Times Oct – Dec 1889
Superstition in Herefordshire

Volume 4 Issue 3 October 1989
Parish statistics Willey & Stapleton
Stray Godsall
Three sons of Ledbury Nott
Emigration to the States in the 1830’s
In persuit of Powis
Derriscott family history
Hereford Times Aug 1883 New
Hereford Times Jul – Sept 1889
Anne Green of Clifton
Extract from Ancient manuscript of Hereford city 1699

Volume 4 Issue 2 July 1989
Disaster in the deep south
Extract from Ancient manuscripts of Hereford city 1775 Greenhouse
Deeds and wills
Understanding the United States Census
Hereford Times Apr – June 1889
The Steeles of Foy
Monumental Inscriptions
Names from the church plate of Herefordshire
Derriscott family history

Volume 4 Issue 1 April 1989
1851 C Strays Shillingford
Extract from Lingen Parish reg 1687 Davis
Extract from St John Hereford Parish reg 1690 Williams, Wallwing
John O’Brien ex the S.S. Bungaree
Steel family 1779 onwards
Directory of St John Parish reg Baptisms 1813 –
Ancient manuscripts of Hereford city 1730 – 1735 Pritchard, Stevens, Carpenter
Hereford Times Jan – Mar 1889
Index to Volume 3

Volume 3 Issue 12 January 1989
In further persuit of John Gardiner Hodges
Inhabitants of Kennerville, Louisiana
Extract from Kingsland Parish reg Coningsby
Extract from Bromyard Parish reg Crocker, Trot, Polley, Brimmage, Braine, Hanson, Davies, Rogers, Treadway, Stannard, Moss, Baker
The Australian Didlicks
Penance Leech, Hodges
More about the Woolf family
Equipment of a cadet East India Co
Hereford Times Oct – Dec 1888
A touch of nostalgia Marsh
Ancient manuscripts of Hereford city 1633 Edwards
Tragic Charlotte Lee
Ancient manuscripts of Hereford city 1629, 1712 Taylor, Parry
The Gibbs family

Volume 3 Issue 11 October 1988
Tomkins family history
Humour in musty records
Tragic Charlotte Lee
Parish register extracts Lugger, Blount, Morgan
Men who carried out work on Hereford Castle
Bishops Visitations 1397
Plaque in Shobdon church
Hereford Times Jul – Sept 1888
William Crowther
Cast iron gravestones

Volume 3 Issue 10 July 1988
Extracts from the ancient manuscripts of Hereford city 1628 – 1632 Butler
Australian Convict Records Elsmore, Jackson, Powell, Pritchard, Buttrey, Rogers, Minett
Hereford Times Apr – June 1888
Ancient manuscripts of Hereford city 1610 Walden, Havard, Maddocke
Mason family history
Memorial Strays
Calender of State Papers Domestic 1580
Ancient manuscript of Hereford city 1617/18 Clarks, Warden
The Mormon migration
Hereford Journal Feb 1830 Cooke
Extract from parish reg of Llandinabo 1634 John Willim

Volume 3 Issue 9 April 1988
Faculty Office and Vicar General Marrriage Allegations
St Nicholas Parish Record Ballinger
Hereford Journal 1771 Shipman, Richardson, Robinson
Herefordshire Militia 1770
The last wager of battle in England Ashford
The mystery of Hannah Woolf
Ancient manuscript of Hereford city 1634 Willett
Did John Jones marry one of the Davies’ daughters
Records of Pencoyd parish
An unusual source for family history Sayce, Johnson, Scudamore, Stephens,Prosser
Ancient manuscripts of Hereford city 1601 Pritchard
The life and times of John Wesley
Extract from Leominster parish reg 1810 Popland
Hereford Times Jan – Mar 1888
Ancient manuscripts of Hereford city 1619 Trehearne
A family on the move Jenkins

Volume 3 Issue 8 January 1988
A family on the move Jenkins
Such goings on at Bredwardine
The case of the unproved will Howarth
The case of the girl from ‘Pied Bull’ Freeman, Morgan, Hughes
Seek and find Robert Herrick
Cwm Methodist Church
Monumental Inscription Revill
Hereford Times Oct – Dec 1887
Rules for servants in the olden times
Holmer Parish reg. Bennet
The mystery of Hannah Woolf
Admiral John Benbow
Extract from Worfield Parish Reg 1778 Griffiths

Volume 3 Issue 7 October 1987
In persuit of John Gardiner Hodges
Hereford Journal November 1791 Jones, Humphries
Cwm Methodist Circuit
Marriage Index 1754 – 1800
Hereford Times July – Sept 1887
Herefordshire Strays Crozier, Lewis
More thoughts on Woolf’s

Volume 3 Issue 6 July 1987
Hereford General Infirmiry
A cottage for £15 Llandinabo
20th C mystery Evans, Swinburne
Dr. Whittingham Landon
Parochial list of indoor & outdoor poor Holmer parish 1872
Hereford Journal January 1834 Downes, Thomas
Hereford Burial grounds
The Hards family of Richards & Orleton
Hereford Times Apr – June 1887
Marriage stray Monmouth Parish church Jordan, Yemm
Exodus from the town they loved. Woolf.
Monumental Inscription from Llanover churchyard Hoskyns
Extracts from Llandinabo Register books
Hereford Journal Sept 1816

Volume 3 Issue 5 April 1987
The lost fortune. Pitt
Extract from Much Cowarne P.R. s Burials Woodate, Taylor, Morris
D’aubray or not D’aubray
Mansel Lacy meanderings
Woolf family
Hereford Times Jan – March 1987
The Wigleys of Hampton Bishop & the Lewis family of Holmer
Herefordshire strays
Weobley parish Vestry Minutes Sep 1800
Breinton Pearces
Gunpowder plot
Wills of the Dubberley family
Pyes of The Mynde
Some 19C shop fronts

Volume 3 Issue 4 January 1987
The dark side of paradise Murder & mayhem 1725 – 1800
My convict forebears Collits
To Herefordshire via Islington & California. Hodges
Disappearance of Charles. Wood, Wilkins, Jones, Christopher
William Morse
Hereford Times Oct- Dec 1886

Volume 3 Issue 3 October 1986
Extract from Ancient manuscripts of Hereford City Quarrell,Dicke, Freeme, Meredith Hunt, Vaughan,George, Smith, Malpas, Priest, Heekes, Hollis
To London to Hampton Court Estate 1838
Woodyatt family on three continents
Palmer family of Aymestry
Millbrook House Ross on Wye
Hereford Times July – September 1886
Extract from Weobley P.R. Wall
Extract from Hereford Diocesan Registrars files 1750
List of Paupers receiving weekly relief September 1855 in Lyonshall
Extract from Hereford City records 1736 Blashfield, Joyner, Aldern, Sucker
Letter from Bernard Shaw to Ellen Terry

Volume 3 Issue 2 July 1986
Index to Volume 2
Hereford Times April – June 1886
When is a Froggatt not a Froggatt
Extract from Walford P.R.s Prosser, Chairs

Volume 3 Issue 1 April 1986
Ballard family history
The Manorial system
Report from Leominster Union Workhouse
Extract from Old Radnor P.R.s Bradshaw, Turner
James Watt knew my ancestor
Board of Guardians Bromyard
Searching for Venables
Hereford Times January – March 1886
East India Company Records
Hereford Journal December 1787 Kemble, Brereton
Extract from Walford P.R Jones
William Morriss of Westhide

Volume 2 Issue 12 January 1986
The Hereford Fire Brigade
Domesday Book
Clive in Hereford
Christmas in Hereford 1779
Some interesting Monumental Inscriptions in Hereford City Cem. Jasilkowski
Davies, Dredge, Walker
Extract from Ross on Wye General Register Newton
1851 Census of Madley
Hereford Times October – December 1885
Christmas in Herefordshire 1885
Herefordshire Murderers
Buried in Woollen Leominster P.R.s King, Pitt

Volume 2 Issue 11 October 1985
William Probert Horse thief & murderer
Richard Addis Farmer & Fellmonger
1851 Census of Madley
Hereford & Shrewsbury Railway
Account of the inhabitants of Stoke Edith 1801
Hereford Times July – September 1885
Civil War plunder
Welsh place-names in S.W. Herefordshire

Volume 2 Issue 10 July 1985
Hereford Times April – June 1853
William Probert Horse thief & Murderer
The Elstree murder
Extract from St Martins Vestry book 1823 Stevens, Pearce, Davies, England,Bach, Prout, Howles, Lewis, Cotterrell, Rogers, Beach, Smith
Children of Little Hereford Bennett, Child, Clifton, Cook, Edwards, Griffiths, Hall, Price, Rowberry, Walls,
General Election 1835 Clive, Biddulph, Blackmore
Extract from Lyonshall P.R. Spragg
List of the Poll City of Hereford 1835
Book of parish memorandums Much Dewchurch, Llanwarne, Much Birch,
St Weonards
Nicholas Pateshall

Volume 2 Issue 9 April 1985
Examination of Edward Baynham 1725
Five generations of the Trilloe family
Caldicotts the Millers
Extract fron The History of Kington
Medieval document Bowkett
Jones family of Ivington
Cradley Parish Churchwardens 1729 – 1780
A melancholy accident Carpenter
Report from Hereford Times Quarter Sessions January 1869 Gillett, Davis, Cornwall, Johnson, Hall
Will of William Wilks 1756
Thank you Grandma. Davey
1851 census of Madley

Volume 2 Issue 8 January 1985
Origins of the name Warburton
The Hearth Tax
The two wives of William Woolf
Parish papers Walwyn, Carwardine, Parker, Hooper, Bosley, Yate, Masters, Mutlow, Burton, Taylor, Probert, Atkinson
The Cookes of Much Birch
Were your ancestors Methodists
Grandma Sigley’s cough drops
City Quarter Sessions July 1733 Knight, Ffloyd
Parish information Welsh Bicknor White
1851 Census for Madley

Volume 2 Issue 7 October 1984
Hereford city Quarter Sessions 1733 Dawkes, Ravenhill, Stephens, Gibson
Removal of the Cattle Market
Freemen of the city 1826 Downie, Woodward, Cooke, Porter, Allen, Buckle, Hardwick, Savage, Haynes, Williams, Underwood, Hereford, Waring, Cross
Coxes of Eaton Bishop and Broxwood
Will of Penelope Howells 1763
A poetic Will. George Tomkins of Norton Canon
1851 Census for Madley
Baptised twice Mills
1881 Stray in Salford. Collins
Story of Little Methodist Chapel Weston u Penyard
Pencombe Overseers Accounts 1815
Herefordshire Centenarians
Researching the Maxton family
Monumental Inscriptions in St Marys Turnastone, Probert

Volume 2 Issue 6 July 1984
One hundred years at Pipe & Lyde
Ill treatment of an apprentice Probert
You never know where family history will lead you
Links or legends French marriages in Bishops Castle P.R.s
The battle of Mortimers Cross
Petition to Sir John Geers Cotterell
Petitions to Hereford County Quarter Sessions 1730 Watkins, Turner, Symonds,
Some historic houses in Herefordshire
The Aubrey Hospital
Extracts from Leominster Baptist Church Burials
Discovering convict ancestry
Cross family of Little Cowarne
Some gypsy burials at Canon Pyon Barnet Bennet Lea
Letter fom India Cecil
Herefordshire boys at Monmouth School 1876 – 1895
Traheron Charity
Complaint abour an apprentice Amis

Volume 2 Issue 5 April 1984
Some Herefordshire boys who attended Monmouth School 1839 – 1876
Two petitions to the Hereford County Quarter Sessions 1730 Hancock, Madocks
Workings of the Poor Law
Extracts from Weston u Penyard burial register Tippins, Dager, Dowding, Parker, Bagley
Two Arthur wills
A Bevan will
A Badham admon
Herefordshire Militia assessments 1663
Prosser family of Snowdle and Dorstone
Extract from the Hereford Journal Oct 1830 Burns
The Hundreds of Herefordshire
Ship building in Hereford
Search for William Woolf
Age at marriage in the 18th century
Petition of James Whitney
Death of distinguished Herefordshire man in Queensland Godsall
From the Euros Advertiser Victoria August 1887 Maxfield
Books on Herefordshire local history
Herefordshire tragedies of the 18th & 19th C Powell, Spiggott, Evan, Morris, Llewellyn, Morgan, Medlicott, Aymiss, Davis, Webb, Lane, Nicholas, Woodhouse, Ankridge, Carter, Harris, Williams, Wright,Hill, Stephens, Watkins, Weaver, Collins,
Yeates, Minton, Jones, Morris, Watters, Hiles, Woodyatt, Carpenter, Trottam

Volume 2 Issue 4 January 1984
Extract from the Hereford Guide 1808
To pay or not to pay Overseers of the poor Leintwardine
The cost of dying
Extract from Breinton burial register 1714 Walwyn, Pew, Jones
Six veterans of the 50th Foot Smith, Parsons, Davis, Fox, Edwards, Harris
Brief outline of the 36th Regt of Foot Herefordshire
Found and lost Magson family
How my great grandfather John Evans escaped from jail
Herefordshire Strays from 1881 census in Stratford upon Avon & S. Warks
Verry family
References to the Trade of Butchers in Hereford
List of paupers in Llanwarne 1847 Pritchard, Essex, Jones, Roberts, Williams, Mowles, Wilcox, Castree, Seaborne, Powell, Hughes, Griffiths, Lewis
Extract from Stoke Edith burial register Sept 1746 Newton, Barrett
Eli Ferrer of Dilwyn 1787
Alehouse Keepers 1818
Sponsers of children baptised in Peterstow 1850, – 1857
Extract from St Weonards baptismal register Feb 1828 Smith
Freeman of the city of Hereford 1709
John Abel Kings carpenter
Extract from Walford burials May 1682 Chin, Pierce
Account of the seats in Norton Canon church 1717
Desmesne lands belonging to Dinedor Court in 1711

Volume 2 Issue 3 October 1983
Llanwarne family reunion
Great Western Railway
Herefordshire veterans of the 41st and 43rd Foot Holland, South, Prothero, Charles, Luntley, Powell, Morgan, Stirling, Moulds, Vale, Williams, Brunt, Rogers, Norgrove, Tuder
Wils and where to find them
Herefordshire beginnings Trilloe family
Sponsors of children baptised at Peterstow from 1843 -1849

Volume 2 Issue 2 July 1983
People and places in Hereford’s Black Mountains
The 36th Herefordshire Regt Price, Gibbs, Jones, Hill, Priest, Vaughan, Caradine, Meredith, Griffiths, Williams, Gwynne, Jeff, Davies
Extracts from files of the Consistory Court of Hereford 1682
Extract from Leominster parish register 1761
Army records at the Public Record Office
Ancient names of some Hereford streets
Extract of burials from Stretton Sugwas parish registers
The Bucklee family of Bodenham
Extract from the Hereford Journal March 1863
Local Constabulary History
Alehouse keepers registered at Michaelmas Sessions 1818

Volume 2 Issue 1 April 1983
Ten Herefordshire soldiers in the Napolenic Wars. Williams, Severn, Lloyd, Mason,
Lewis, Whitehouse, Maynage, Webb, Andrews, Tommy
National & local Government Officers and their records
Records from the Foley Estate
A tale of three widows Evans family of Thornbury
Extract from Much Cowarne parish register
On the American side Robert Hill 1790 – 1873 of Canon Frome
James Hill 1812 – 1875 Bosbury

Volume 1 Issue 12 January 1983
Protestant meeting houses and occupiers: Pitt, Price, Rose, Fellows, Read, Nelmes, Thomas, Bannister, Walker, Preece, Barroll, Payne, Gurney, Brace, Bickerton, Wheale, Foster, Owens, Bryan, Jones, Watkins, Davis, Harding, Dowding, Morgan, Hatton, Hodges, Jones, Hancocks, Turner, Haines, Pritchard, Davies, Cheese, Bagster, Gundy, Rudge, Powell, Thorne, Parkins, Nott, Masters, Bruton, Oby, Phillips, Challoner, Lloyd, Griffiths, Bullen, Reece, Middleton, Delahay, Oldridge, Wainwright, Mace, Yarnall, Apperley, Bough, Bearcroft, Tomes, Tringham, Bird, South, Curzon, Summers, Watkins, Benbow, Bickerton, Sims, Mason, Bartlett, Burgwin, Higgins, Lewis, Fencott, Badland, Bebb, Bones, Probert, Wright, Sier, Boyce, Parry, Gwilliam, Andrews, Pool, Bryan, Lucey, Brace, Tomkins, Stinton, Wheeler, Galindo, Walwyn, Reynolds, Hale, Bayley, Parlor, Cooper, Granger, Webb, Colley, Greenhouse, Gough, Brown, Knight, Morris, Gill, Hayward, Edwards, Wathen, Roberts, Pugh, Baldwin, Steples, Stonier, Dykes, Cooke, Keddle, Harrington, Scandrett, Barrar, Brewer, Beavan, Allen, Bowen, Ordew, prince, James, Oakley, Maddox, Baggott, Symonds, Saunders, Tristram, Jay, Crump, Gregg, Hargest, Grindle, Radnor, Hughes, Lloyd, Rawlings, Jenkins, Pugh, Abel, Birch, Hardwick, Hall, Cuddamore, Parker, Wynn, Protheroe, Tenber, Hooper, Challinor, Beach, Bufton, Hales, Tedstill, Wheeler, Holland, kerne, Spencer, Chamberlain, Smallman, Leighton, Lea, Onions, Whittingham, Dayer, Nelme, Wake, Amiss, Handley, Birch, Mason

Volume 1 Issue 11 October 1982
The Pritchards of Brilley
Focus on The Lea
The Dorrell family
1851 Census Hereford County Goal

Volume 1 Issue 10 July 1982
Tuttle, Fuggle, Clutterbuck & Jones
Hereford & Gloucester canal
The Maddy family of Dorstone.

Volume 1 Issue 9 April 1982
James Eley, Excise Officer
Dorrell gathering
Hereford Militia deserters: Green, Ellis, Unett, Harper, Chamberlain, Lipputt, Harris, Fletcher, Strong, Cook, Hoskins, Philpotts, Deane, Taylor, Williams, Turner, Preece, Watkins, Mawbury, Symonds, Lewis, Bennett, Morris, Jaunces, Went, Jones, Sabine, Roberts, Price, Maund, Butwell, Jackson, Davis, Walters, Robinson, Heayse, Lane, Prosser, Powell, Hill, Barlow, Andrews, Archer, Smallman, Hicks, Mededith, Slater.

William de Broase and Moll Walbee

Volume 1 Issue 8 January 1982
St Martin’s Hereford. 1560-1640 Portrait of a suburban parish
Herefordshire estates of Guys Hospital, parishes Aconbury, Nash, Aston, Bickerton, Verry, Bodenham, Harris, Williams, Watkins, Preece, Jones, Seal, Hughes, Powell, Handley, Davis, Biggs, Macklin / Twyford, Vaughan, Francis, Preece, Nash, / Dewsall, Tomkins, Brickenden, Mayos / Callow, Dimery / Monnington Straddle, Webb, Lea, / Batchy & Madley, Pritchard, Watkins, Sherborne, Williams, Davis, Harris / Vowhurch, Arnold, Cook, Davies, Harris, Powell, Lloyd, Wilson, Lewis, Williams, Hughes / Stretton, Pearce, Aston / Pipe & Lyde, Burlton, Floyd, Cooke / Hereford Division, Boughton, Lewis, Cranston, Barnett, Matthews, Jones, Barratt / Bunshill, Edwards, Griffiths.

Volume 1 Issue 7 October 1981
Coningsby Hospital Servitors, Bowen, Williams, Monnington, Dyer, Vickeress, Will, Watkins, Preece, Symonds, Griffiths, Smith, Hartland, Raynolds, Davies, Jones, Taylor, Bray, Gough, Morvan, Cooke, Wilcox, Coldwell, Callow, Lawrence, Lane, Perkins, Powell, Holland, Colebatch, Yates, Holt, Edwards, James, Bowers, Thomas, Barlton, Weaver, Edwards, Wall, Bryant, Minney, Merrick, Ross, Marsh, Leech, Woolryck, Jay, Trehern, Trantor, Dillahay, Wood, Kington, Morris, Clarke.

Bluecoat School, Hereford, Waits, Lewis, Cator, Smith, Hale, Morris, Turner, Baker, Green, Andrews, Sparks, Garraway, Box, Davis, Meek, Jarrett, Webb, Dew, Clark, Bird, Coney, Stephens, Symonds, Hutton, Powell, Beal, Morgan, Seymour, Lucas, Edmond, Jones, Beavan, Tipton, Hill, Baynham.
1851 Census Hereford Workhouse Inmates.
Children of the Mayflower.
Robert Broad of Madley.
Transvaal War Volunteers / Cutler, Griffin, Morgan, Price, Drew, Brooks, Cheshire, Palfrey, Groves, Farmer, Hamp-Adams, Evans, Pyart, Brookes, Jenkins, Howls, Hayward, Taylor, Corbett, Davis.
Men of Ross / Kemp, Pugh, Beavan, Cross, davies, Fishpool, hancock, Honey, Husbands, Jarvis, Lewis, Lloyd, Longford, Oliver, Pye, Richardson, Smith, Voyce, Williams.

Volume 1 Issue 6 July 1981
James Eley’s Journal of Leominster, also mentioned are the surnames Sayers, Smith, Nicholas, Prosser, Kilpin, Pudding Jones, Herring, Sternhold, Roe, Gwilliam, Parry, Wildings.
Benjamin William Rogers of Pembridge and Railway history
George Jones of Eaton Bishop

Volume 1 Issue 5 April 1981
James Eley of Pembridge and his journal of 1808
Mr Sayer Linen Draper
Military GS Medal 1793-1814, Officers Surnames: Atkins, Bourchier, Braddell, Cahill, Fraser, Gillam, Henry, Holmes, Jeston, Jones, L’Estrange, Miller, Murchison, Pinckney, Prendergast, Price, Swain, Taylor, Thompson, Tunstall, White & Weir.
Other Ranks Surnames: Allen, Anderson, Anktle, Ashton, Ashworth, Atkinson, Bailey, Baker, Barnes, Bates, Beasley, Beech, Bell, Birchall, Blanny, Bowes, Bowler, Boyer, Brian, Bryan, Bullock, Burke, Burling, Burr, Carn, Carridine, Clayton, Clift, Cobley, Coffey, Cole, Collins, Colman, Cooper, Costello, Crafter, Crozier, Crump, Cuddy, Cummins, Cuthbert, Darlison, Davies, Davis, Davy, Dennis, Dimelow, Douglas, Dugarde, Dyer, Evens, Ferguson, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, Fleek, Fleet, Fletcher, Flint, Fox, Freeman, Frith, Gaskin, George, Gibbon, Gibbons, Glover, Gowan, Graham, Green, Griffiths, Grimshaw, Gwynne, Hall, Hampson, Hancock, Harvey, Hawkins, Hibbart, Hill, Hopkins, Hughes, Hutchinson, Hutt, Jepson, Jones, Knapton, Lawrence, Lewis, Lindsay, Lloyd, Lund, Lunn, Lynham, Mallaskey, Mnaley, Manouch, Mannel, Marlow, McFarlane, McLea, McOwen, McWhinnie, Merryweather, Millian, Mitchell, Monaghan, Moore, Moran, Morgan, Morris, Muccleston, Murray, Murrett, Nesbitt, Nicholson, Nixon, Nuttall, O’Donnell, O’Neil, Patridge, Penticost, Perry, Pine, Pitcher, Poole, Porter, Priest, Rhodes, Richardson, Roberts, Rodgers, Rogers, Savage, Scott, Sheldrake, Sherwood, Simmonds, Smith, Spenham, Staples, Stock, Stradling, Swaine, Syner, Terns, Thomas, Timmings, Todd, Tolly, Tomkins, Townsend, Vaughan, Venables, Verney, Wallace, Walsh, Walton, Ward, Watkins, Weser, White, Wilkinson, Williams, Wilson, Woodside, Woodward

Volume 1 Issue 4 January 1981
Baylis family of Great Malvern and Tewkesbury
Rev Thos William of Dilwyn, Hef married Margaret Evans at Friern Barnet Mdx on 23rd May 1784
Baptisms at East Blatchington, East Sussex in the year 1804, children of serving members of the Hereford Militia.
Surnames include; East, Jones, Evans, Brocks, Gravel and Stebber.
Marriage at Midhurst Sussex in 1808 of Wm Morgan of Eastbourne (Baptised Aston Ingham Hef)
Marriage at Yardley old church of John Muscott of Staunton on Arrow, Hef to Maria Homer by Licence on 15th April 1828.
Marriage of Wm Nethersole, Gent of Shobdon, Hef and Mary Bradbury of Sutton at Prestbury, Cheshire.
Marriage of Edward Linnell of Kington, Hef to Hannah Oakley otp at Whitchurch Salop.
Marriage in “Lyttleton Times”, New Zealand.
At the Cathedral, Hereford, Arthur C. Baines of Christchurch, New Zealand and Catherine Ellen Hoskyns, connections with Ludlow and Dublin.
Millward, Onslow & Dorrell families of Shropshire.

Volume 1 Issue 3 October 1980
Thomas Ferrer of Oxford, marriage to Elizabeth Driver of Lyonshall
Thomas Currie of Wellington Heath, died Weston Super Mare in 1869
Timothy Charles Perry of Edwin Ralph died Chaddesley Corbett Wor in 1890 and his wife Emma who died 1924
Monumental Inscription recording starts with Herefordshire FHS
Seager family of Herefordshire & Hertfordshire, inc links to the Lingen, Bodenham and Whittington families
Baylis family of Ledbury

Volume 1 Issue 2 July 1980
Searching in Herefordshire Pt 11
Review of the book ” The Diary of a Cotswold Parson” REV F. E. WITTS 1783-1854
Index to Marriages from the Gentleman’s Magazine 1922
Surnames include: Baker, Davis, Hanbury, Tracy, Annesley, Hill, Caswell, Jones, Gwillim, Lane, Rodd, Marcha, Maynard, Wilde, Morgan, Jacobson, Clarkson, Phillips, Bowdler, Price, Barrington, Pugh, Glanville, Rogers, Fettiplace, Scudamore, Frere, Taylor and Forbes.

Volume 1 Issue 1 April 1980
Hereford Churches
Carwardine Family of Madley
Grosvenor Family of Pencombe and Almeley
List of members 1-43
Searching in Herefordshire Pt 1


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