Meetings Archive

17th November 2017 John Putley
‘Stand and Deliver’

20th October 2017 Jane Adams
Medical Services in Herefordshire during the Great War

15th September 2017 The Tewkesbury Tale Teller
A Guide to Publishing Your Family’s History

18th August 2017 Sorcha Lewis
the Elan Valley Dams – Part 2


21st July 2017 David Vaughan
The Little Book of Herefordshire


16th June 2017 Robin Thorndykes
‘Brian Hattons Portraits and Personalities’.

19th May 2017
Annual General Meeting and Film

21st April 2017 Liz Pitman
The Parish that disappeared

17th March 2017 Nigel Heins

The Heins Family of Hereford


17th February 2017      David Hill
Still Lost in Herefordshire


20th January 2017       John Macklin
Bustin Family Herefordshire Photographers


18th November 2016

Kit Byatt The Quakers


21st October 2016

Bruce Johns The Dancer and the Drum part 2


16th September 2016

David Harrison Hay and the Hay Poisoner


19th August 2016

Some East Hereford Farms and Their Farming Families

Jean Currie


15th July 2016

Marriage Laws, Records and Customs – Was Your Ancestor Really Married ?

Colin Chapman


17th June 2106

World War 1 Hereford

Derek Foxton


20th May 2016

AGM and Film Show



15th Apr 2016

A Century of Board Games

Colette Gray


18th Mar 2016

The Bodenhams of Rotherwas

Brenda Warde


15th Jan 2016

Postal Histories of Hay and Hereford

Frank Bennett


17th Nov 2015

Bridges on the Wye

Dave Hill


16th Oct 2015

From Prostitution to the Pill

Professor Maggie Andrews


18th Sep 2015

Rags to riches: Thomas O Connor, The Cattle King of County Refugio, Texas

Professor Graham Davis


21th Aug 2015

The First World War  and how it affected Women and what they wore

Colette Gray


17th July 2015

Violette Szabo

Rosemary Rigby


19th June 2015

Life in the Elan Valley – Before the Dams

Sorcha Lewis


15th May 2015

Film showing of ‘Chewing the Cud’

Catcher Media


17th April 2015

Goodrich Castle

Ron Shoesmith


20th March 2015

Steamships to the USA in the early days of steam

Frank Bennett


20th February 2015

Victorian Eastnor

David Whitehead


16th January 2015

Foxley Camp

John Macklin


21st November 2014

Researching Hereford Military

Dave Seeney


17th October 2014


Peter Rostron


19th September 2014

The Dancer and the Drum

Bruce Johns


15th August 2014

Eastnor Castle and its Parish

David Whitehead


17th July 2014

A Victorian Parish and its People

Liz Pitman


20th June 2014

Places to visit that are within easy reach of Hereford

Ruth Richardson


16th May 2014

Childhood during the First World War

Colette Gray


11th April 2014

Presentation of old Films by Huntley Archives

Amanda Huntley


21st March 2014

Marriage Law for Genealogists

Prof Rebecca Probert


21st February 2014


John Mayo Evans


17th January 2014

Herefordshire Folk Tales

David Phelps and Valerie Dean


15th November 2013

Irish Migration

Pro Graham Davis


18th October 2013

Saints and Sinners of the Marches

Michael Tavinor


20th September 2013

The essential guide to green funerals and natural burials

James Leedam


16th August 2013

Research Evening


19th July 2013

Mayhem on the Midland – An Accident, Suicide and a Murder

Chris & Judy Rouse


21st June 2013

The Building Craftsmen and Architects of Georgian Herefordshire

David Whitehead


17th May 2013

Are You Proud of Your Ancestors

Colette Gray


19th April 2013

Hereford Munitions Factory

Julia Orton-Davies


15th March 2013

Herefordshire in Bloom

David Hill


15th February 2013

Brian Hatton, The changing Landscape

Robin Thorndyke


18th January 2013

Brian Hatton, The changing Landscape

Robin Thorndyke



We do not hold a meeting this month

Happy Christmas


20th January 2012

Estate Records

Rhys Griffith


18th February 2012

The Burghill Air Crash 1944

Neil Taylor


16th March 2012

The tale of the Ancient Mariner

Frank Townsend


20th April 2012

Research Meeting


18th May 2012

Victorian Crafts and Trades

Colette Gray


15th June 2012

A Wartime Hereford Artist

Derek Foxton


17th July 2012

The Titanic

Discover History


17th August 2012

Military Research

David Seeney


21st September 2012

the history of Bartestree Convent

Gregg Brunt


19th October 2012

Victorian  Miscelleny

From Time To Time


16th November 2012

Haunted Hereford

David Phelps


21st January 2011

Letters from a Submariner

Mrs M. Roy


18th February 2011

History of the Hereford, Hay and Brecon Railway

Chris and Judy Rouse


18th March 2011

Dressing Table Accessories, Victorian to 1960’s

Colette Gray


15th April 2011

Lost in Herefordshire

David Hill


20th May 2011

Hereford Postal History

Frank Bennett


17th June 2011

Civil War in Hereford

Ron Shoesmith


12th July 2011

Trip to Dore Abbey

Ruth Richardson


15th July 2011

The Market Towns of Herefordshire

Penny Platts


19th August 2011

Rural life in Victorian North East Herefordshire

Jean Currie


16th September 2011

The Castle Green in Hereford

David Whitehead


21st October 2011

Your Ancestors, Population and Birth Control

Dr Colin Chapman


18th November 2011

Further along the Hereford & Gloucester Canal

Nigel Jefferies



We do not hold a meeting this month

Happy Christmas

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